Gokhale Education Society’s R.H. Sapat College of Engineering works continuously for empowering the students to make them confident to face the challenges in Civil Engineering field and challenges in the society as a whole. During their 4 years stay students development is done through following plan:-

Actions Outcome
• Regular curriculum coverage • Fundamental knowledge gained
• Site Visits/ Field Training • Practical knowledge gained
• Expert Lectures • Awareness of latest happenings
• Expert Talks on Soft Skills (GD and PI) • Job Seeking Ability Developed
• CESA Activities (cultural/social) • Overall Personality Development
• Hands on Training (ETAB and Revit) • Employability Increased
• Hands on Training (ETAB and Revit) • Employability Increased
• Organization of Workshops/ Seminars • Leadership / Stage Daring Improved

There is nice blend of 19 teaching staff for intake of 60. Five staff members have more than 25 years of experience. Mr. N. D. Chaudhari (HOD) and Mr. D. P. Joshi are Doctors of Philosophy in the field of Water Resources and Structures respectively. Mr.P.B.Bhore is soft skill expert. Mr. Surendra Joshi and Ms Gayatri Gadekar have expertise in hydraulics. Mrs Bhakti Vaidya and Manoj Patil are experts in Environmental Engineering. Mr Mulay Sachin, Ankush Pendhari (Perusing PhD), Mr. Thombre.M.M, Mr. Pagare Pankaj and Vaidya Prasad are experts in Structures. 13 staff members are with post graduation, three staff members are pursing post graduation.

All this is possible due to continuous support and guidance from our Honorable Project Director Prof. P.M. Deshpande and Principal Dr.P.C. Kulkarni. We are fortunate enough to have with us Sir. (Dr.) M.S.Gosavi who is also the Director General of the Gokhale Education Society. He is the source of inspiration for all of us.  Due to inspiration derived from him and his guidance we are always marching ahead on the road of success.