Student Chapters

Civil Engineering Students Association (CESA)


  1. To develop team spirit
  2. To enhance stage daring
  3. To give platform to show hidden talents
  4. To develop students beyond academics


A civil engineering students’ association is formed with an objective develop students in all respects through the organization of a variety of events. Students enthusiastically take part in organizing various events which boost their leadership qualities in students. Also CESA inculcates working with togetherness, time management and develop discipline. Students take part in cultural, social activities which teach values and ethics; moreover, they develop stage daring and communication skills. In ANVIT events they learn various concepts of civil engineering by actually doing it.


Indian Plumbing Association (IPA) Students Chapter


  1. To adopt right professional practices in plumbing
  2. To adhere to codes while designing plumbing
  3. To upgrade the students’ knowledge about plumbing workmanship
  4. To elevate students biodata.


The Indian plumbing student chapter is formed under Nashik local chapter in order to involve students in very import area of plumbing engineering. The Indian Plumbing Association is the apex body of plumbing professionals in India. IPA was established in 1993, with the objective to promote the development of plumbing and building services industry, to involve everyone directly or indirectly with the construction industry. Students are involved in a variety of activities which enhance their knowledge of plumbing by taking part in field visits, attending seminars and conferences, attending training courses offered by IPA